Erblina Bytyqi

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If you’re feeling lonely

and you miss me so

know that I’m right here

I’ll never let go.

When you ever feel

alone at night

light up your mind

you’ll find me inside.

And if you ever get scared

from the darkness around

meet me in your heart

where things are all right.

Just close the door

to all the unknown

I’m here with you

you are never alone!



Is it the starts in the sky

Or a night in Hawaii

Is it some shoes you buy

Or snowing in July?


Is it the first kiss

Maybe a boy named Chris

Or just a cheese from Swiss

Tell me, is it any of this?


It may be your favorite song

Or the movie King Kong

Putting on some thong

Singing any lyrics all along!


Is it having a baby girl

Or putting on your favorite pearl?


Perhaps going out with friends

Or driving a Mercedes Benz?


What do you think is it?

What do you call magic?




Inspired by Sabrina Spellman

I saw it in your eyes

As you looked into me

Hopelessly in love

Yet, the best place to be.


I felt it in your touch

The fire burning inside

As you lost on me

Endlessly blindeside.


But then again

The passion was too strong

The desire you felt

Within all along.


You moved closer

In that night of rain

I said — kiss me, please

As I felt the pain.


As I heard your voice shaking

You told to me that day

If I kiss you this moment

I’ll never be able to walk away.



He never learned to love himself

he has lost his soul and gave his mind,

now all he is,

a flash and blood.


All the happiness and all the excitement he should be feeling,

guilty he felt of what he is now,

but there was no more strength inside to fight,

he felt so empty, as he couldn’t even cry.


Even in a crowded place

and this city full of lights,

he felt the darkness in his soul

and the spirit out of his sight.


His soul spoke to him.

his soul felt the exhaust.

he has lost the road,

himself is now gone .




Are you listening to what your heart is telling you?

The inner child

Let you go where your heart belongs

To the field, to the street, to the sea

To the untouchable memory

Just let your heart what it wants to be!

To the love you strongly wanna feel

To the deepest of your desire

Oh, freely sing your melody

Let the heart light that fire!

Let you go to the will

Hidden underneath your skin

Open that window blind

To the kid you have inside.

Don’t forget that the stars

Will always shine your mind

Be brave to dream big

Sky is just the view, not the limit.



What’s inside your wildest imagination?

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I can feel this bond

Damn this feeling’s strong!!!

Oh, what can go wrong?


We walk by the bay

What a lovely day!


You lean and kiss my neck

We sit and watch the sunset.


You lay me on the sand

And slowly move your hand.


Come close to my lips

O what a dream is this?!


Take off that shirt

And I lose my skirt.


Quickly get undressed

You softly grab my breast.


I’ll let you in

My fingers touch your skin.


I can feel the heat

Let’s play this on repeat.


Is it getting hot?

Did you hit the spot?

I’m calling the name of God.




Let’s delete this play

Make it go away.


Let me burry the thoughts

Before I go nuts.



Erblina Bytyqi

Erblina Bytyqi

The writing will set free what the heart is afraid to be. I'm into poetry and translation.